Trustee/Executor Representation

A trustee or executor has the power to prosecute or defend actions, claims, or proceedings in order to protect trust property and the trustee in the performance of his or her duties.   A trustee/executor may bring the same kinds of actions against a third person as the trustee/executor could maintain if he or she held the trust property free of trust. The trustee/executor also has the power to pay, contest, settle, or release a claim belonging to the trust.

Trust litigation and probate litigation are conducted within the Probate Division of the Superior Court or Circuit Court of local jurisdiction.  The Probate Division for Santa Clara County Superior Court is located at 191 N. First Street, San Jose, CA.

The Law Offices of Dawson G. Crawford can assist you with trustee/executor litigation in estates, trusts, or probate, in either Santa Clara County Superior Court, San Francisco County Superior Court, Hawaii’s Fifth Circuit Court (Kauai), or other Superior and Circuit Courts within California or Hawaii.


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